For some time I’ve been meaning to do a post, or rather a series of posts, where I explain how I do what I do. Not all of it, because a girl has to have some secrets, and I guess that goes for me, as well. Because these are my […]

We Now Return

To our irregular update schedule. I hate to do it, after going so long mostly hitting the update target within 3 hours. But life is pain (anyone who tells you differently is selling something). I’m certain I can keep things update on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but It might better […]

About Twilight (What I didn’t like)

If you’ve come to this post because a search engine associated it with sparkly vampires, you have been mislead. I’m sorry. I could follow up on that and explain what I don’t like about it, but it would unfair to go into it, and a bit on the cheap. We’re […]


So sleepy. I woke up early. That’s not unusual for me. It’s not usual either. I have sleep onset insomnia. Once I get to sleep I tend to sleep 6 to 8 hours. But now an then I wake up after on 3 or so, like today. Now I think […]

To Political or Not Too Politcal

This is a comic with 2 major leads and 3 major supporting characters. One of those is a man. Why is that? Because those are the characters I had the most fun writing. That’s pretty much it. But the demographics of the strip are inherently political. They shouldn’t be, but […]


No sleep. I wanted to find time to knock out two, maybe three, more strips today. Really yesterday, but I still need to do too¬†much set up to go that fast. I have one of the two sets I need ready, and the other I need to build from scratch, […]

A Preview of Sorts

It seems I must become accustomed to writing things, if I mean to make something out of this site. As if writing an actual comic, creating art, AND navigating the insanity that is PHP weren’t enough to keep me busy. I’m trying not to let that bother me. It’s not […]