Chapter: Issue 0

0022 End of Line

I considered staging this scene on a cliff, to really underline the cliffhanger. The cliff is a a bit to the left of frame. The location is a real place, which I may or may not make clear, later. It’s lacking in boulders, though. Those are a bit further off […]

0021 Not the Whole Truth

It’s the cryptic voice over again! I did say it would be back. Wednesday’s strip will mark the actual end of the Prologue. I’m totally not ready for that. I’m behind on set building, character models, over all planning, and just about everything else. That sounds worse than it really […]

0020 Rumination

Almost forgot to post this. I finished it days ago and just assumed I’d put is up when I did Wednesday’s update. We’re very professional here. Our motto, “Never do today what you can fool yourself into believing you’ve already done.” This update brought to you by early onset dementia. […]

0019 Zoom In

I wanted to see Avengers this week, but I doubt I’ll have time. Shame that. Each passing second makes a spoiler inevitable. Already the interwebs are a flame with something about Black Widow’s role in the film. I don’t know exactly what and I’m trying to keep it that way. […]

0018 Dazs Häagen

No Commento. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 CLERK: Bad day? REY: The worst. Why do you ask? CLERK: Ice cream, wine. If we sold books, I'm betting you'd have the trifecta. Unless you're the vid-type. We've got a ten dollar movie bin, if you really want the hat-trick. Frame 2 REY: Yeah. […]

0017 Twilight

The less said about this art, the better. Mistakes were made. I think I know how to fix them. I’m not going to fix this. We’ll see if I’ve found the solution Monday. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 REY: Oh Beard, I want a smoke. Can anything else go- No. Don't finish […]

0016 Raincheck

I really can’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t be an attempt to spoon feed this page to the reader. While I do enjoy waxing on about why I do some of the things I do, I’m also aware that these pages should stand on their own. It’s my […]

0015 Certainly Not a Pirate

In before the lock. The comic updated on time. The streak is still alive. The news post is late. There’s a lot of reasons for this. Over worked, over tired, and very sad about humanity. Let’s not discuss that, now. I saw a post on IFLS (not linking it. Don’t […]

0014 Bills

Still playing with art techniques. I am displeased with this one. Not so much that I mean to change it, but I think Monday’s strip was the best I’ve done, as far as the overall rendering, so I mean to go back to that in the future. It’s probably not […]

0013 Narcissus? Is that You?

Mira is a bit taken with herself. Suffice it to say, she’s never looked that good in her life. I’m borrowing a page from John Scalzi. I’m not going to explain what page I’m borrowing. Figure it out, and read everything he’s written to do it. It’s worth it. The […]