Chapter: Issue 1

0050 Check

I forgot to schedule to comic. >.> <.< Issue 2 begins Monday. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 REY: Aauugh! Tail bone! Frame 2 REY: Oh. Umm… Hi? Frame 3 REY: Uncle?

0049 Head Under Heels

It makes more sense that way. Heads are usually over heels. Issue 1 ends Friday. Friday is page 50. I didn’t plan it that way, but I’ll take it. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 REY: Nice vertical! You've gotten better at this. Frame 2 REY: Way better! Frame 3 REY: Aww, nuts! […]

0048 Lever

I haven’t been keeping up with the transcripts. Lazy. These last three comics were written in that few days. Seat of the pants stuff. This sequence had a gap between the confrontation with the punks and the climax. That gap was labeled “fight scene.” I figured I’d whip something up […]

0046 MANGA!!

When you make yourself giggle, you’re either doing it right, or your sense of humor is out of wack.   All possible future references to The Princess Bride notwithstanding, Rey is, in fact, left handed. The Ninja isn’t.   She’s ambidextrous. ↓ TranscriptFrame 7 REY: Isn't this the part where […]

0046 Significant Other

When you fight a ninja, you not only fight that ninja, you fight everyone that ninja has ever fought. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 REY: So, I've been meaning to ask for a while now… Frame 2 REY: Do you… Frame 3 REY: fight with other people… Frame 4 REY: or are […]

0045 Parry, Dodge, Spin

Rey’s life is weird. She’s totally aware of this. It’s never occurred to her that she could be a superhero. With great power comes greater apathy. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 REY: I thought they'd never leave. Frame 2 REY: It's past time you showed up. I've been looking for you for […]

0044 Basically…

In before the lock! I haven’t been sleeping well, lately. As a result, this is pretty late. Of course, another reason it’s late is that I did Friday’s comic at the same time so that one should not be delayed. Still thinking about things I could do with the news post, […]

0043 Non-Posture

When I first imagined Rey Lorrie, she was rather more happy-go-lucky, and rather a lot less serious. Some of that side of her has been showing through lately. She spends a lot less of her time feeling sorry for herself than we’ve seen. There were reasons she was assumed to […]

0042 She’s Fast

Musashi would not approve. Of course, he probably wouldn’t approve of Rey having that sword to begin with. Leaving clashes between historical personages and modern sensibilities aside, he would not approve of Rey’s technique.  She shouldn’t be placing herself between her opponents. She shouldn’t be toying with them. Swords are […]