Chapter: Issue 1

0041 Round 1, FIGHT!

If you are fighting fair, you’re doing it wrong. Yes, Rey’s kick lifted the dude half a foot off the ground. She’s a strong female protagonist, after all. Dammit. That pun¬†has already been done. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 ALPHA GUY: Get her! BETA GUY 2: She's got a frakkin' sword! Frame […]

0040 Dundee

Rey uses BETCHA DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING. It’s very effective. I’m pretty sure some of you did see that coming. Rey might be just a smidge overconfident, but she’s not completely mad. If you could summon a 16th-century sword from thin air, you might be a bit cocky, too. If […]

0039 It’s Not Very Effective

Punks use threaten. These next few strips were originally this length. When I first started doing art, I decided they were too short, and basically packed them together, 2 into 1. But thinking about the art, now that I have reached them, I decided they’d be way too busy. We’ll […]

0038 Ships Passing

Rey seems absurdly confident. That or she find pointy things really funny. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 REY: When I want you, you're nowhere to be found. When I don't want you, you're there like clockwork. Frame 2 BETA GUY 1: Hey, chica! REY: Fuck me. BETA GUY 1: Girl like you, […]

0037 Deception

IT’S JAIN! Yes. Jain is a smurf. Does this bother you? More future stuff. Holograms and shit. I was going to keep this obviously hard(like) sci-fi, just to underline that there is a perfectly logical explanation for all of the weird that happens (teleporting sword, anyone?). A month or so […]

0036 Delayed Impact

Mira’s so surprised, she’s ceased to exist. I wanted to name this “Symmetry” because, while Monday was better than expected, this was not so much. Elevators are big. Mira is small. I thought about playing with scale for art’s sake, but I figured I wouldn’t like the result. Now I’m […]

0035 Truancy

This turned out better than expected. I love it when that happens. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 NURSE 1: Miss Washington! MIRA: Yes? Frame 2 NURSE 1: Where did you go? MIRA: Took a walk. That a problem? NURSE 1: You're supposed to be on bed rest. Frame 3 MIRA: Child, I've […]

0034 Repeat

This is more symmetrical than I intended. In a good way, though. Rey’s home is still far from finished, and that is bugging me. I’m beating myself up for not being ahead of the curve. But, at least the doors are up. Also of note; Rey is now dressed for […]

0033 Abrupt

Have you ever felt really, totally terrible only to have someone come along and burst your funk bubble? Like, right when you’re getting a good wallow going? Obviously, the thing to do is roll with it, but I suspect that’s easy to say and harder to do. We like to […]

0032 Helpline

Really, Mira. She could have been from North Dakota. Funny how people tend to get vague when dealing with difficult topics. It’s like it makes them uncomfortable or something. Really. There’s nothing¬†wrong with being Canadian. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 MIRA: I know what you're tryin' to do. CHARLEY: Excellent! That makes […]