Character: Charley

The Badass

0066 That Drink

One possible solution to the pacing problem: Bigger comic. Downside: requires more art. Upside: doesn’t take that much longer to produce. We shall see how this goes,

0062 A Decent Proposal

Unplanned week off. It’s not that I don’t care about feeding my audience because I do. I don’t want to talk about it.

0061 Needling

I’m often conflicted about what the characters should actually say.  I try to be good about balancing the characters’ personality with the exposition and to be careful about having them tell each other things they’d already know. I recently had a short discussion about “show, don’t tell,” and it occurred to me […]

0060 Exposition Position

And we’re back! That was (not) a relaxing bit of time off. Still, progress was made. The next few pages will answer some of the questions the previous 59 have raised. Only some. I can, however, promise you which question will not be answered: Which questions are being answered here. […]

0058 Morning After

So what happened Monday? Blankets. I quite literally started working on how to do the blankets Sunday morning, and didn’t get it done right until Monday afternoon. I think I slept 3 hours in there, No, 4. I dozed off around 11:30 pm, Monday and woke up after about an […]

0037 Deception

IT’S JAIN! Yes. Jain is a smurf. Does this bother you? More future stuff. Holograms and shit. I was going to keep this obviously hard(like) sci-fi, just to underline that there is a perfectly logical explanation for all of the weird that happens (teleporting sword, anyone?). A month or so […]

0033 Abrupt

Have you ever felt really, totally terrible only to have someone come along and burst your funk bubble? Like, right when you’re getting a good wallow going? Obviously, the thing to do is roll with it, but I suspect that’s easy to say and harder to do. We like to […]