Character: Lina

Almost a friend.

0069 Issues

You know you’ve successfully created a well-rounded character¬†when they hijack your expository/setup scene and fill it with their abandonment issues.

0067 POV

Robert (check the comments) suggested I should focus less on the backgrounds to move things along. Sorry, Robert. I didn’t do that. Basically, what happened is that a very long time ago I created the backgrounds that make up Rey’s apartment. Then I reused some assets by opening that file, […]

0034 Repeat

This is more symmetrical than I intended. In a good way, though. Rey’s home is still far from finished, and that is bugging me. I’m beating myself up for not being ahead of the curve. But, at least the doors are up. Also of note; Rey is now dressed for […]

0026 Playfully Clueless

I really haven’t felt like writing news posts, or any other kind of post, lately. ¬†Feeling overwhelmed and impatient, I think. When I start something, I want it to be done. Finished, insert fork, tie it with a bow, stamp it, ship it, etc. I’ve been able to redirect that […]

0025 Bad Attitude

No news is good news. I’m having a hard time remembering what the comic’s number is. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 LINA: Look, it's not the end of the world. I left you a months' rent, and utilities. REY: But why now? LINA: True love. Frame 2 REY: Doesn't exist. Pull the […]

0024 The Mother of Skill

This is also an homage. It’s an homage to something completely different. Also, another change in art! I just won’t stop. Actually, for the moment, I do mean to stop. The change, this time, was basically culling out the things that did work and going back to something I was […]

0023 Homecoming

This is an homage. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out what to. The story has finally begun. I thought I’d be a lot less invested in this moment when it finally came. Instead, I’m a little shocked that it’s here. Obviously, twenty-three strips isn’t […]