Character: Rey

0069 Issues

You know you’ve successfully created a well-rounded character when they hijack your expository/setup scene and fill it with their abandonment issues.

0067 POV

Robert (check the comments) suggested I should focus less on the backgrounds to move things along. Sorry, Robert. I didn’t do that. Basically, what happened is that a very long time ago I created the backgrounds that make up Rey’s apartment. Then I reused some assets by opening that file, […]

0056 Victory

Napalm, in the morning. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 REY: Kay-Oh! Frame 2 REY: And look! I got your blade! Frame 3 REY: Aaand I guess I win. Frame 4 REY: Again? Frame 5 REY: That vanishing sword trick would be impressive if I didn't know how to do the exact same […]

0055 Hang Time

What to say? I’m exhausted? That’s true enough. Has to do this one twice because some art tweaks I made turned out to be really, really bad ideas. Turned out okay in the end. If it’s not clear, Rey can jump REALLY high. She’s also a decent tactician when she isn’t […]

0054 Chekov’s

No news. ↓ TranscriptFrame 2 REY: That was fun. You alright? Frame 3 REY: Yup, you're alright. Frame 5 REY: Frikkin' flashbombs! NARRATION: What? You don't expect me to narrate this whole thing?

0053 Ninja by the Tail

This was difficult to make. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 REY: What? You don't Like this game? NARRATION: My Spider-Gwen impression. You should see my Supergirl. NARRATION: Why I asked you? I did imply I'd answer that. I'm here to tell you how the world ends. NARRATION: Why me? For my sins, […]

0052 Bounce

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 NARRATION: You probably want a few answers. REY: Up for some follow the leader? NARRATION: Get used to disappointment. Mira would think that was funny as hell. For the longest time, I had no idea why. Frame 2 REY: You waiting for an invitation? NARRATION: There […]

0051 Round Two

Halfway to my first 100. Some time back, someone complained about Stand Still Stay Silent taking forever to the story going. I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t read it, as the list to the right shows (actually, there are three comics I do read not in that list. […]

0050 Check

I forgot to schedule to comic. >.> <.< Issue 2 begins Monday. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 REY: Aauugh! Tail bone! Frame 2 REY: Oh. Umm… Hi? Frame 3 REY: Uncle?