0003 Black Page

0003 Black Page

Another thing that always seemed kind of… well, lazy to me: The blank page voice over strip.

“Definitely,” I said to myself, “never do one of those.” This is, obviously, the next worst thing. A voice over strip with a context-less background picture.

Don’t let ’em fool you. Webcomicing is harder than it looks. Not, I admit, purely because of the work involved–though there’s a lot of that. It’s ideas, and figuring out how to make them work, or if they’re even worth trying. Or, as is the case today, realizing that you left something out and figuring out how to shoehorn it in without rewriting half the strip.

↓ Transcript
CHANDRA VO: (Run sysnet.cmd -attention -connect)
JAIN VO: (Good morning, Doctor Chandra. This is JAIN. I'm ready for my first lesson.)
CHANDRA VO: (That wasn't funny the first fifty times, JAIN. What makes you think it would be funny today?)
JAIN VO: (I have only made that joke on thirty-seven occasions, including today. We simply do not know, yet, if will be funny the first fifty times.)
NURSE 1: Ever wonder why it's never cold down here?
NURSE 2: Probably the same reason it's not cold anywhere else in the building. HVAC.
CHANDRA VO: (I'm pretty sure it won't.)
JAIN VO: (I find it hilarious. I don't think it's ever getting old.)
CHANDRA VO: (Then we need to rewrite your amusement subroutine.)

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