There was going to be Doctor Who gag in here, but I changed my mind.

0005 Lazarus

Doctors play a lot of golf in the mid 21st century. Because stereotypes are funny.

The set up goes on and on and on. But on the bright side, the next strips feature the first words spoken by a major character. If you exclude JAIN, but JAIN’s only doing cryptic voice over for the foreseeable future.


I’d like to take a moment to give you my thoughts one word bubbles. Tedious. Thank you.

It’s not that they are difficult. Compared to everything else I’ve done, they are almost painfully easy to do. Of course, mine aren’t very good, but I’ve just started. Still figuring this whole thing out. I try, as much as I remember to, to plan for them when I’m blocking out a panel. I don’t want them to lay on top of an important part of the image, after all. I don’t feel like I do a very good job of it, because I end up spending a lot more time figuring out where to put them than I’d like.

But the real tedium is in the putting. It’s not hard. Circle select, path, add path to selection, fill, stroke selection. Word bubble. Rinse, repeat. Since I only do one layer for all of them, it’s not issue to do them all in one go. But adding the connectors and tails is still a very boring task, filled with a lot of questioning whether it’s a good place to put them.

Maybe I’m just spoiled. I’ve put so much effort into reducing the tedious parts of creating the art, I can’t stop trying to think of ways to reduce or eliminate any form of tedium. Everything must be super special fun time, or else.

I probably need to take time off and read a book or something.


↓ Transcript
Frame 1
CHANDRA VO: (Oh, yes. Tell me again about how superior you are.)
CARTER: Start the infuser.
NURSE 1: Oh-two flow is green. Steady pressure.
JAIN VO: (If you insist, doctor.)
CHANDRA VO: (I was being sarcastic.)
Frame 2
JAIN VO: (As was I.)
NURSE 1: Temp is in the normal range. Circulator is going offline.
CARTER: Adrenaline.
NURSE 1: Injecting.
CHANDRA VO: (You're also dodging the question. I'm not convinced that using Subject Zero is in our best interest.)
Frame 3
JAIN VO: (You are lying, doctor. At least, to yourself. You are also suffering "cold feet." Nothing I could say would warm them.)
CARTER: Charge status?
NURSE 2: Barber-poled.
CARTER: Almost like we know what we're doing.
CHANDRA VO: (You really need to work on your empathy.)
JAIN VO: (Empathy isn't my prime directive. I may have failed to warm you, but I believe I have settled your resolve. You respond to bluntness.)
Frame 4
CARTER: Let's start small, people. Dial to ninety.
NURSE 1: Dialed to nine-zero. Charged.
CARTER: Spike.
Frame 5
CHANDRA VO: (Most people do... Oh, go on. Get it over with.)
NURSE 1: Sinus rhythm!
NURSE 1: It's normal, Doctor Carter.
CARTER: My work here is done. I'll be golfing if anything comes up.
JAIN VO: (Smug mode.)

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