Over infinite time you will sustain infinite injury and visit infinite hospitals.

0006 Awakening

This is the last of the heavy cryptic voice over for a while.┬áNot the last of the voice over, but there won’t be much more before the end of Issue 0, at page 21.

This is something of a milestone for me. It’s not the first strip of Singular Blues that I wrote, but it is the earliest strip to make it into a final draft. The first strip is actually page 22 (Issue 1, page 1) but ended up heavily revised when I decided to establish the back story in prologue. That seemed like a good idea at the time.

My hope, way back when, had been to do all of the 20 to 30 pages of Issue 0 and just dump them all on to the server at once. I might even go back to that plan, but I figure doing it this way is good practice for regular updates.

Speaking of which: My first late update. For certain values of “late.” This should have gone up at 1AM today. But it wasn’t art-complete until 2AM, and I decided sleep was a priority. This comic isn’t a going concern, so I need to apply some time toward making the moneys. So, it’s not late on the M-W-F schedule that I might as well go ahead make official, but it is late in the sense that I prefer not to be working on the comic on the actual day of the update.

This is a different kind of milestone, as well. As I said, last news post, a main character speaks today. More over, every page from here to the end of Issue 0 will focus on one of two primary characters. So, the preamble to the prologue ends today. I’d call it the end of the beginning, but looking over the story, Issue 1 stands well enough without this stuff. Some things that appear here would have to move to later chapters, but the story wouldn’t collapse without it.

That raises the question of why this part is here. Were this a novel, any editor would suggest cutting it. At least any good one. Start in the middle. Set up the tale as it happens. These are good rules of storytelling.

Rules are, of course, made to be broken, but that’s not exactly why I’m doing it. Breaking rules is a bad idea if you don’t understand what they are for. This is a webcomic, and I am a nobody. If I had a following beyond friends, I’d be very concerned about properly setting the hook. But most webcomics draw readers long after they start. An opening hook isn’t required. (This is why, while I dislike the black page update, I tend to forgive them when they appear early. It’s not like anyone was forced to way a day or three with nothing but a Photoshop flood fill as “art”).

This is my first webcomic. I’m figuring out what I’m doing. Better to do that on an unnecessary bit of the comic, than the main story.

This is, as suggested, good practice for the update schedule.

I put a lot of thought into each of the prologue strips. I think they are meaningful and add to the story. I hope they are entertaining. So it’s not really a throwaway. I hope it makes my current audience want to stick around for the main event.

Now, off to work.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
CHANDRA VO: (I worry what Franny would say about this.)
JAIN VO: (Doctor Clear Water would approve.)
CHANDRA VO:(Are you certain about that? This has turned into something rather more terrifying than Franny would have expected.)
Frames 2-3
JAIN VO: (Behind Subject 47, Subject Zero, and yourself, I currently understand Doctor Clear Water better than any other person, living or dead. She is the closest thing to a mother I have. Excepting yourself. She would not be deterred.)
Frame 3
MIRA: Ugh...
Frame 4
MIRA: Hospital?
Frames 4-5
CHANDRA VO: (Sometimes you frighten me. Considering what I know, that's an accomplishment.)
JAIN VO: (I frighten myself, doctor. Fear is a sign that there may be factors to be cautious about.)
Frame 5
MIRA: Hospital.
Frame 6
CHANDRA VO: (You don't have to feel fear.)
JAIN VO: (I very much do, doctor. As you said, I am "human." for certain values of that term. I also made a promise to protect her. I am incapable of making a promise lightly. You saw to that.)
MIRA: Oh, f*&k me. Not again.

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