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0007 And Surprise

Bathroom humor. Is it really humor, just because it has “humor” in the name?

It’s a good thing this comic’s goal isn’t the funny.


Mira looks like she’s 12, here. It’s the hair and the lack of makeup (to the extent that I do makeup, at all. It definitely makes a difference). I hadn’t really considered that before I started work on this part of the comic. All of my test work and development was using Mira in her final form (which this is not even). I’m glad I like her this way, because she’s going to be sporting this look for a while.

Over all, I’m happy with the characters’ expressions. That’s a first (well, a second. I was happy with Mira on Monday, but it’s hard to count that. Mira just has one of those faces that work). Also, I could go into how many hours I spent figuring out how make a blanket work, only to have it hardly appear in the comic, but I will spare you my foul whinging.

Instead, I’ll take a moment to talk pacing. When I wrote this, the idea was to update Monday through Friday. Life has made that impossible. M-W-F may turn out to be unsustainable in the short run (and the long run is unknowable). I mean to try. I discussed some of my thoughts on updates, here and there, but I haven’t talked about the one thing I think is central to doing a webcomic. “Don’t miss updates.” My spiritual inspiration is Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary. With over a decade of daily strips, the man’s never missed an update. Even when his site went down, he posted the day’s strip. That, in my (not at all) humble opinion, is how you do it.

It’s either a hobby or a job. If it’s a hobby, the updates don’t matter. At least not as long as they show up eventually. If it’s a job, then you have to bring your game to it. You have to do whatever it takes to make sure the product reaches the consumers when they expect it.

Singular Blues is not my job.

But I want it to be. So, I’ve got to try to treat it that way.

M-W-F can be done (maybe). M-F can’t right now. So that determines the schedule. That means it’s going to take 3 weeks to cover the ground that was intended for 2. I’m not happy about that, but I don’t have a lot of realistic options other than, “Stop doing the comic until I can.” That’s not a good option. Doing this is scary. Not just because it’s a cost risk (I’m paying for this stuff) but also because this is personal art. I think I can deal with not being good enough as an artist/storyteller, but only if I keep moving. If I stop, now, the fear and anxiety will probably stop me cold. I considered not admitting that I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought. I dismissed that, because I couldn’t keep up the pretense. I’m trying to create a big, expansive, story. But my world view, and the issues that define it, inform that story. The issues of the characters are funhouse mirror reflections of me, even though most of them are nothing like me. That’s inevitable. Any writer who tells you differently is smoking something. And it’s probably good stuff.

I choose not to pretend, because I never could get into drugs.

↓ Transcript
Frame one:
CARTER: Already awake? Relax. You're safe.I'm Dr. Carter. Don't try to do anything just yet. You were under for a long time. It's going to take a while for you to get used to managing your body. We wouldn't want to have any accidents.
MIRA: Umm...
Frame two:
MIRA: Uh... I... I think I already had one.
Frame three:
Frame Four:
Frame five:
Doctor: Clean up in 2086.

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