Rey has two first names, but they're spelled weird.
Welcome to Southern California.

0008 Rey Lorrie

I didn’t realize just how much wall of text Laci was spewing until I did the layout. I’m going to have to experiment with a smaller font, I see. I considered switching Rey’s and Laci’s roles here. Rey¬†putting her foot up Mark’s rear entrance would make a solid intro for the main character, and it fit’s what she’s capable of. But I decided that Rey needs room to grow. It’s better to get a sense of her insecurities, me thinks, before we watch her struggle to reach her potential.

One hopes one is improving, but one doesn’t feel like it’s happening. Baby steps, I suppose.

This was fun to put together, even if I had to redo the first panel 5 times. I’m not happy with the awkward Mark. It’s probably perfectly in character. He just looks a bit off.

I’m trying to decide if Mark should be a serious recurring problem for Rey, or just an irritant from her ordinary world. He’s kind of Chekov’s Gun, here, which wasn’t really part of the plan. The nice thing about a serialized work, is I have a lot of time to think about the consequences of what I do. The down side is that I have to think about those consequences in ways I don’t have to in prose. With pure text it’s easy to signal that a thing isn’t important. Maybe it’s easier to do it visually, but I haven’t worked out that theory yet.

I do want to keep Mark and Laci around, but I don’t have much for them beyond this scene, right now. I see potential with Rey’s work situation, and there are story elements it might serve. But I’m not making this up as I go. There’s a full story treatment up to the mid-point of Act 2, and I know how the story ends. If Rey’s job doesn’t help me get to those points, it won’t be forced into the narrative.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
MARK: Lorrie!
REY: What can I do for you today, Mark?
MARK: Would your job be too much to ask? I needed that code checked an hour ago.
Frame 2
REY: You mean debugged? I sent it back to Ronnie, fully anotated with suggestions, thank you very much. What I got wasn't even going to compile.
MARK: So why didn't you fix it?
REY: Because it's not my job. Mark.
Frame 3
MARK: You ever heard of being a team player, Lorrie?
REY: Team player? TEAM? I--
LACI:Excuse me, Rey.
Frame 4
LACI: Mark, it's not her job. My little code monkeys have been happy to drop in the odd syntax correction or code patch to help out "the team." But you've been sending up trash with five mistakes for every good line of code. I don't know what kind of shop you're running, but I don't need you trying to pin your crap on my people.
Frame 5
MARK: I just mean--
LACI: I don't care what you mean. If you have a problem, you come to me. If sh!t's gonna fall on my team, I'm gonna to be the one slinging the shovel. If you think that's wrong, we can go talk to Santos right now. Or you can get the hell off my floor.

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