0009 Scouting

This is where the news post goes.

There’s no news post to got with this strip, but I have a valid reason.


↓ Transcript
Frame 1
REY: Thanks, Laci.
LACI: Prick. You want me to go to Santos anyway?
REY: Tempting, but let's not rock the boat yet.
LACI: You sure? The only reason I let him walk out is... I don't wanna drag you into anything you aren't comfortable with. I'd file a complaint, if it were me.
Frame 2
REY: I've got it on record, boss.
LACI: Oh, do you?
REY: I figure, if I'm going to make it official, I need plenty of back up. Putting together a tidy little file on Mark Jones.
LACI: Really? For how long?
REY: Well, a couple of months, now. Is that a problem?
Frame 3
LACI: Not really, but you should let me know about stuff like this, okay?
REY: Copy. I'll keep you in the loop. Scout's honor.
Frame 4
LACI: You were never a scout.
REY: Was too!

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