Fans of the Victorian Era and points before are going to have complaints.

0001 Prologue

The past is prologue. That probably means something deep but, in this case, it means, “don’t get attached to these two. You won’t be seeing them long.”

This didn’t turn out quite the way I’d hoped, but I had to decide if I should¬†keep trying to achieve perfection, and never publish, or just get on with it. As you can see, I went with option two. I spent a lot of time figuring these two out. Even more time trying to decide how to express their relationship in a satisfying way. Then I remembered, they aren’t actually important. I hope a little of that effort came through, but I’m not really that concerned.

If I were trying to do a regular update schedule, I’d not have written this scene at all. It’s important, later, in that it will establish contexts, but it’s not the kind of thing I expect anyone to really care about. Dangerously close to filler, and I don’t like filler, much.

I should have gone with a larger window, but I didn’t want to take the time, and it felt wrong for the period. Sir would probably have to be a very rich man, rather than simply kinda wealthy. At least, that’s my feeling on the matter.

November 12-13, 1833 was an interesting night, if you like watching the stars fall out of the sky. Some estimates (fairly well accepted as the correct figure) put the rate of shooting stars that night at 67.

Per second.

That window turns out to be fairly bad at capturing what it must have looked like, and given that spent about half a day working on just that, I’m a bit disappointed. But, again, perfection or publishing. Suffice it to say, Mr. Daniels and his boss are looking at the greatest meteor shower in recorded history.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1: Daniels standing in the open doorway
NARRATION: November 12, 1833
DANIELS: Sorry to disturb you, sir. I... I think you had best see this.
SIR: What is it Daniels?
Frame 2: Sir, sitting in the far chair, as if he'd been contemplating the fire
DANIELS: Sir, it's the stars...
SIR: The stars, you say? Out with it man! I'm not paying you to be vague.
Frame 3: Dainels, now in the room, near Sir's chair--shot as if from Sir's POV.
DANIELS: Yes, sir. Of course, sir. It's just... I...
Frame 4: Dainels walking briskly past Sir's chair
DANIELS: You have to see for yourself, sir.
Frame 5: dominated by a shot out the window, showing the maximum of shooting stars you can muster. Dainels is partially in frame, holding back a curtain
SIR: My God...

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