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0010 Sick Bay

I’m a wordy guy. You should see my posts in other places. I don’t even write blocking for most of my strips. It’s almost all dialogue. This strip is one of the early ones, from before I started to write the way I do now. It was 6 panels long. When it came time to produce, it realized that was a few panels too many. The characters aren’t active enough to justify all that swapping about. There isn’t enough new information to make it worth while. It’s basically 2 panels of strip. I used three to make the backward text easier to read.

I made some stylistic changes to the art. I’d done a little of that on Monday, but today I turned it up to 11. I think it looks better, but I live with this comic, daily. I’ve got tons of test art. So the changes leap out at me. I don’t know if anyone else would notice.

If an artist makes a change and no one notices, does the change exist?

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
Doctor looks at a holographic chart above MIRA's head.
MIRA: Where am I? I keep expectin' Chris Pine and Karl Urban to walk through the door.
Doctor: Who?
Frame 2
Doctor is seen through the holo chart. A new window is open, reading: Analysis indicates pop culture reference. 87% probability of a joke.
Doctor: Oh. Haha! Not likely. Feeling better?
Frame 3
MIRA: It wasn't a deuce, so I'm not too embarrassed about it.
Doctor: Good. Can you tell me your name and date of birth?
MIRA: That's a fairly ominous question
Doctor: I like to get right to the scary bits. Saves time.
MIRA: Are you in a hurry?
Doctor: I do have a handball court reserved...

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