It's 2046. 138 years since the Cubs last on the World Series.

0011 Time Dilation

The story of how I came up with Mira’s name is long and not really interesting. Suffice it to say, it’s (in part) a tribute to my mother. (Hi Mom!)

Mira is not my mother in anyway shape or form. To start, she’s a lot shorter than my mom. She also has few freckles. That’s entirely superficial, of course, but the character isn’t based on anyone.

Well. That’s not exactly true. All of the main characters’ faces were inspired by people who exist, somewhere. But none of them are meant to look like those people, or reflect their personalities. I don’t know anything about them, after all.

I was asked, some time ago, which of the main characters represents me. The answer is, “none of them, and all of them.” None of them is my avatar, but they all live in my head. Everyone in the story lives in my head. It bloody crowed in there.

I doubt it would possible to write a character driven story that didn’t draw on me. I’m my only point of reference. Of course, I’ve said that before. I’ll probably say it again.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
MIRA: My name is Samira Washington. I was born August 3rd, 1963. Barack Obama's the President.
DOCTOR: I didn't ask about the President.
MIRA: That's the way they do it on TV. Name, date current events, right? To make sure I'm trackin'.
DOCTOR: Pretty much. But I don't expect you to be up on current events.
Frame 3
MIRA: You skipped all the classes on bed side manner, didn't you?
Frame 4
DOCTOR: Sam-- Can I call you Sam?
MIRA: Mira.
DOCTOR: Okay, Mira. It's been a while. The last year you remember was 2015, right?
MIRA: Yes...
DOCTOR: It's 2046.
MIRA: Ugh!
DOCTOR: I know that has to be a little overwhelming.
Frame 5
MIRA: I've been unconscious for 31 years and you think that's just "a little" overwhelmin'?
Frame 6
DOCTOR: You've been dead for 31 years.
MIRA: You definitely skipped bedside manner. I'm guessin' tact, too.

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