0012 Techno-Babble

0012 Techno-Babble

Talking heads.

Would you believe this Mira-Doctor sequence was originally twice as long? I think I mentioned that I wrote the first draft over NaNoWriMo 2014. There wasn’t a lot of effort put into considerations like “how will this look” at that time. It was all words, and not much else. Really. Even the plot was a non-entity for the most part. Just a collection of situations and characters, with only the thinnest of threads connecting them.

Obviously, I didn’t consider how difficult it would end up being to do all of that visually.  A superhero book would break this up with a few full body shots of the characters. That’s something of an option here, and I’ve used it a bit, but there’s only so much you can do with a bedridden character, IMO. Doctor Carter isn’t that important, and I think too much full body on her would send the wrong message. I worry (obsess) over these hospital strips, because of the static nature. On the one hand, I really like doing Mira strips. On the other, they aren’t really a great visual scene.

I was kind of stumped on how to handle this page, so I did page 13 before I did this one. You may notice some differences in color Wednesday. That’s an idea I was working on, and today’s strip is an improvement on that idea. I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out–both the color and the art.

Fortunately, for my sanity, Mira’s not going to be in that bed much longer. We’ll be returning to Rey next week, and the prologue is half over. While it looks like our leads won’t be meeting until Issue 4 at the earliest, Mira has some things to do beyond lying in bed.


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