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0014 Bills

Still playing with art techniques. I am displeased with this one. Not so much that I mean to change it, but I think Monday’s strip was the best I’ve done, as far as the overall rendering, so I mean to go back to that in the future.

It’s probably not the best plan. The real issue boils down to the use of characters. The tweeks that make Mira look best may not work so well with Rey. Then there are the other main characters to think about. The nature of the media I work makes it hard to be sure how thing will turn out and even harder to make useful changes. It’s more photography than typical digital art. While I have been messing with it for nearly a decade, the tools constantly change. I developed my method in November 2014.

I doubt I’ll ever be done tweaking, but I hope, one day, to have the free time to devote to tweaking on something that isn’t going to be in the comic. Considering my ambitions for this, that is a tall order. I barely have time to do three updates a week. When I was practicing for this, testing ideas and what not, I did whatever I wanted as art. Some of good, some of it not so good. While doing the comic is satisfying in its own way, it is work. srs bzns, as it were.

Lest I sound like I’ve nothing but complaints, I want to say, the comic is extremely satisfying. Imagine you have a vision for something. Imagine you take a wild stab at making that thing. Imagine how you would feel if, more often than not, you made something better than your vision. That’s Singular Blues.

I reread my own comic rather a lot. I don’t have to. I’m not far enough along that I need to worry about contradicting myself. I’m not narcissistic about it, either. The reason I do it is that the visual form is not the same as the scripts. It’s a question of flow. Does the story hold together when the updates aren’t separated by 48 hours or more?

It has glaring flaws. I’m too hard on myself not to feel that way. Oddly, people comment positively on the things I’m less than happy with (and I try to thank them for it and keep my bloody mouth shut. Which is why this isn’t going to turn into a list of my perceived shortcomings). I’m the creator. The lesson, I think for any artist, is that the creator doesn’t determine the value of the art. The consumer does. So I try to look at as a consumer. There are things I can’t unsee. Issues I want to fix (Not planning to. Ever. If I do something that I later find morally objectionable, I’ll change it. Otherwise, my mistakes are reminders to better, and they’ll stay up as long as the site does). I do my best to look past them and see the comic from the POV of a person who doesn’t know what’s going to happen next.

That’s not easy. I did this comic on Sunday, and this newspost on Tuesday afternoon. As I write this, my favorite art thus far is on the main page, but I have two more comics in hand. I worry about the pacing, and I wonder if anyone is reading, or still reading.

Maybe the internet has made it too easy, via social media, to get feed back. There’s the option of comments, but before this I spent 13 hours trying to make rent. I don’t have time to fight the spam, or funds to add the plugins that would make that easier. Or the time to fight the spam that would get through. Based on the traffic this site draws, I suspect there are a lot of spambots looking to add comments already.

I may look into a facebook based comment solution, though I’m loathe to turn this into a means for the Zuck to add more information on your life to his marketing database. It’s part of the price you pay if you want to do business on the internet these days, and SB will never be big enough to write its own check.

Well. That ran off. I’m getting back to making rent, now. The price one pays to be one’s own boss…

↓ Transcript
DOCTOR: How do you feel?
MIRA: How do I feel? The last thing I remember had just finished a fight with my editor. I threw away a quarter million dollars in a fit of pique, and alienated the last person on Earth who was willin' to have a civil conversation with me. I felt alone.
MIRA: Now you're tellin' me 31 years passed and I really am alone? Everyone I knew is either dead or has made peace with me being dead, and I've been aging in reverse--Like Benjamin Button only much better looking, if I do say. Cuter than I ever really was. That's just mind bendin'. On top of that, I don't know anythin' about the world, or even if anythin' I knew still exists, and you want to know how I feel?
Frame 2
MIRA: I feel... I feel like eatin' a bacon cheeseburger.
DOCTOR: That's a start.
MIRA: I'm... Anxious?
DOCTOR: Understandable. It's a lot to process.
Frame 3
MIRA: I feel like I forgot to do somethin'. Like, did I leave the oven on?
DOCTOR: One hopes, not. Imagine the bill.
MIRA: What am I supposed to do now?
Frame 4
DOCTOR: Rest. You ought to feel at home in your body, but it is new. It will be a day or so before it behaves the way you expect. Sort of.
MIRA: Sort of?
DOCTOR: You were middle aged, and not in very good shape, if you'll forgive me saying.
MIRA: Now you want to be tactful?
Frame 5
DOCTOR: Today, you have the body of a 20 year old athlete. We've tried to make it feel natural for you, but you'll still need to adjust.
MIRA: Athlete? I could run a marathon?
DOCTOR: Probably more than that. I'm a bit envious.
Frame 6
MIRA: You mean everyone isn't like this in the future?
DOCTOR: How should I know what the future will be like? Everyone doesn't have the benefits of these treatments today, though.
MIRA: Why not?
DOCTOR: They aren't cheap. Super expensive, actually.
DOCTOR: Is something wrong?
MIRA: I'm imaginin' the bill.

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