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0015 Certainly Not a Pirate

In before the lock.

The comic updated on time. The streak is still alive. The news post is late.

There’s a lot of reasons for this. Over worked, over tired, and very sad about humanity. Let’s not discuss that, now.

I saw a post on IFLS (not linking it. Don’t feel like finding it) that’s had me rethinking some of the technology I meant to use. Specifically, a claim that a graphene analog (doped graphene. I’m not sure if it’s a graphene substrate with a dusting of atoms or something else) allowed the creation of a real floating hologram. It seems nigh impossible, but they cited previous work that had also done the same thing.

I started from the impression that such holographic projections just weren’t a thing that could exist in the real world. It seems I was wrong. This is going to significantly change certain aspects of the comic. I hope to find out more.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1 Rey walks, head down.
REY: Why do I even bother?
REY: Yeah? Well, no matter what I do, somebody's waiting in the wings to claim I did wrong.
Frame 2 Rey is entering an alley. She seems to be in conversation with someone who isn't there.
REY: I should grab a box of wine or a gallon of ice cream.
REY:I know. That's tomorrow-me's problem. Today-me doesn't give a shit about her.
Frame 3 Rey looks surprised.
REY: Ice cream and a book... Yeah. That's what I--
Frame 4 A Ninja, feminine based on silhouette, stands on the roof of a building opposite Rey.
Frame 5 Rey looks annoyed

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