You should see her dunk.

0016 Raincheck

I really can’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t be an attempt to spoon feed this page to the reader. While I do enjoy waxing on about why I do some of the things I do, I’m also aware that these pages should stand on their own. It’s my assumption that almost no one is going to bother reading these news posts. I try to write them for the few who might, but that’s not why they’re here. There here because a purely visual medium doesn’t make a solid business model as a start up. At least not without cash I don’t have.

Over on the blog, I recently dropped a note about my reticence to get political around or within Singular Blues. It’s not a political comic, and there are people better suited to that kind of thing. There’s a flip side to that. I also don’t want to be silent.

Most of the people I interact with are not willfully part of the problems. They either stand up for what they believe, or they say nothing. I suppose the latter could be defined as part of the problem, but I don’t demand everyone be a hero. I know how hard it can be to just stay alive.

Some of their friends, however, are part of the problem. Thanks to social media, I get to see those people being part of the problem. I could complain about that, but I consider it a privilege. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see outside of the echo chamber and understand, or at least analyze, different points of view.

There’s a bit advice almost every good writer should have seen: “Nobody believes they’re the villain.” Like all sweeping generalizations, this is wrong, but the exceptions to this rule would be extremely rare.

Somewhere, out in the wilds, there’s a person who does evil without justification. Without the need to reframe the world to make what they do “right.” Good luck finding that person. Everyone else considers themselves to be, in some way, justified. This is just like the fact that an overwhelming majority of people rates themselves ¬†above average in intelligence.

People hold socially damaging beliefs, and one would hope that seeing the damage that those beliefs support would encourage those people to think about their positions. It doesn’t, but hope is like that.

Still, it is important to try to understand those people. A writer should be able to write convincingly from the point of view of someone she doesn’t agree with. An activist should heed the age old advice and “know [his] enemy.”

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
Rey Charges the Ninja
Frame 2
The Ninja Charges Rey
Frame 3
Rey somersaults over the Ninja as the Ninja dashes in to attack
REY: Not today!
Frame 4
Rey has landed. Behind her, the Ninja is trying to stop her rush
REY: I'm not in the mood!
Frame 5
Rey runs off, the Ninja watches.
Frame 6
Rey's shadow is all that remains the alley. The Ninja is gone.

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