0017 Twilight

The less said about this art, the better. Mistakes were made. I think I know how to fix them. I’m not going to fix this. We’ll see if I’ve found the solution Monday.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
REY: Oh Beard, I want a smoke. Can anything else go- No. Don't finish that sentence, Rey. Don't tempt the fates.
REY: You hear that, Fates? This is me not tempting you. I have total faith in your abilities.
Frame 2
DUDE: You alright, lady?
REY: I just escaped a ninja, and I'm trying to bargain with Greek gods. What do you think?
Frame 3
DUDE: Just checking. Getting dark, ya know. This ain't the best neighborhood...
REY: I can handle myself.
DUDE: I didn't say you couldn't. But a small lady like you, on the mean streets in the dar--
Frame 4
REY: I have a sword.
DUDE: That you do. I see you've got this. I'll, um, be getting the hell out of here, now. Please don't stab me.
Frame 5
REY: Now I'm going to spend the rest of the night wondering if I was the asshole, there. How do you even put up with yourself? When did you start referring to yourself in the second person?
REY: And you can shut right the hell up!

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