She hid it behind her back.

0018 Dazs Häagen

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↓ Transcript
Frame 1
CLERK: Bad day?
REY: The worst. Why do you ask?
CLERK: Ice cream, wine. If we sold books, I'm betting you'd have the trifecta. Unless you're the vid-type. We've got a ten dollar movie bin, if you really want the hat-trick.
Frame 2
REY: Yeah. Kinda obvious, huh?
CLERK: Listen, as long as it's not your whole world turning out to be an illusion, you're probably on the right track. If it makes you feel better, enjoy the hell out of it.
REY: Yeah? Thanks.
Frame 3
CLERK: One thing... What did you do with that katana?
REY: You saw that?
CLERK: Hard to miss.
Frame 4
REY: Tell you what, you figure out where I hid it, it's yours.
CLERK: Really?
REY: Scout's honor.
Frame 5
CLERK: Easy thing to say for someone who's never been a scout.
REY: Why does no one believe I was a girl scout?

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