It's pure computronium, Mr. Daniels. Quickly! Out the window!

0002 Prologue’s End

That ended abruptly. Looks like no grand children for Mr. Daniels.

I doubt they were expecting that. Which is why it’s called “The Spanish Inquisition.”

↓ Transcript
Frame 1: Daniels to the right, sir to the left, window between
DANIELS: They say it's a sign, sir. The end of the world.
SIR: I... I don't know that they're wrong, Daniels. If it is, we'll face it as men. Fetch the brandy. Pour yourself a glass.
DANIELS: Yes, sir! Right away, sir
Frame 2: From outside the window, Sir looks out and up. A glowing circuit pattern is creeping in along the surface of the rear wall.
SIR: If it's not the End Times, you'll have a remarkable story to tell your grand children. The night the stars fell.
DANIELS: Yes, sir. I've never imagined anything like it. It's... beautiful.
SIR: Mark my words, Mr. Daniels. This will change every...
Frame 3: The glow fills the room, Daniels is hardly visible, sir is turning back in surprise
SIR: ...thing?

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