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0020 Rumination

Almost forgot to post this. I finished it days ago and just assumed I’d put is up when I did Wednesday’s update.

We’re very professional here. Our motto, “Never do today what you can fool yourself into believing you’ve already done.”

This update brought to you by early onset dementia.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
MIRA: My will, my black ass. You'd think I'd remember signin' up to be a corpse-cicle.
Frame 2
MIRA: Why would I do that, after everythin' I put myself through? It doesn't seem like me. It just doesn't.
Frame 3
MIRA: I admit, I was depressed. Maybe I came up with the idea when I had a brighter outlook, but I think I'd remember ever havin' a brighter outlook. Then again, maybe it didn't work. Maybe this is just some kind of delirium, and I'm going to wake up in ICU.
Frame 4
MIRA: Again.

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