0021 Not the Whole Truth

0021 Not the Whole Truth

It’s the cryptic voice over again! I did say it would be back.

Wednesday’s strip will mark the actual end of the Prologue. I’m totally not ready for that. I’m behind on set building, character models, over all planning, and just about everything else.

That sounds worse than it really is. it only takes half a day or so to work out a character model, so I’m not overly worried about that. I won’t need a new character until the page 15 of the next issue, so I’ve got about 5 weeks. I just like to be ahead of the game. Why? Well, I need a new set Friday, and I’ve been telling myself I will finish “next weekend” for three weeks. Time runs away when you’re not having fun.

Well, It’s back to the salt mines for now. With a little luck, I’ll have all of the pieces in place by Friday, and the streak of updates will remain unbroken.

↓ Transcript
MIRA: That's the trouble. I thought I had a final solution.
CHANDRA VO: (JAIN, are you aware of this?)
JAIN VO: (As it was my system that alerted you, I will assume that question is rhetorical, Doctor.)
CHANDRA VO: (Give me something, JAIN.)
MIRA: Be honest. I'm afraid it'll happen again. I wasn't expectin' it THIS time.
JAIN VO: (I have been tracking Subject Zero' movements for the last twenty-three minutes. There is an anomaly.)
CHANDRA VO: (Will this anomaly prevent what this looks like?)
JAIN VO: (Not directly, no. However... I have several responses on the way.)
MIRA: It could happen again. I could wake in twenty-seventy-seven.
CHANDRA VO: (Then don't distract me with "anomalies." That's an expensive asset on that beach.)
JAIN VO: (Faith, Doctor. Have a little. In me.)
CHANDRA: (And encourage your delusions of godhood? Thank you, no.)
MIRA: Am I tryin' to talk myself outta tryin' again, or into it?

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