The rock is a few meters above bottom.

0022 End of Line

I considered staging this scene on a cliff, to really underline the cliffhanger. The cliff is a a bit to the left of frame.

The location is a real place, which I may or may not make clear, later. It’s lacking in boulders, though. Those are a bit further off to the south. I really wanted rocks, for some reason, so I employed artistic license. He was glad to get work in this economy.

This is one of those bits that makes me wonder. As in, it makes me wonder if I ought to be writing at all. It has the potential to raise criticisms about the sensitivity of the author and lead to all sorts of accusations I don’t want to defend myself from.

Of course, if I can’t handle that, I shouldn’t want to be in the writing business at all. I have a fairly simple plan, I hope, for dealing with that. Not. People are going to hate it or they’ll enjoy it, and no amount of explaining anything is going to make a damned bit of difference. Hopefully, I’ll remember that if the time comes.

I’d originally planned to drag out the reveal here until much later. It seemed better to try and get the reader invested in the character before dropping such a defining characteristic about her. This seemed especially important as she’s the “point of view” character for the planetary romance part of the story. She is the reader avatar in the sense that the world of 2046 is as strange to her as it is to anyone else from 2015. It seemed like a reasonable idea not to make her more alien to the common experience than necessary.

Then I realized that she’s a black woman, and I’d already done that. Like KFC, I decided to double down.

So, here ends the prologue, with a character on a precipice. That would be a big deal if the story weren’t going to continue on Friday. I do, however, intend to make you wait a bit to see what happens, here, next.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
MIRA: They can bring me back. Okay. But I didn't punk out, and nobody stopped me.
Frame 2
MIRA: Yeah. I can do this.
Frame 3
MIRA: If they bring me back, just try again. Eventually, they'll give up, right?
Just start swimmin'. Go west until I can't go no more. If that doesn't stop them bringin' me back, I'll try a goddamn fire.
Frame 4
Frame 5
MIRA: Yeah. Let's do this, girl. Let's do this.

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