John George Diefenbaker PC, CH, QC

0024 The Mother of Skill

This is also an homage. It’s an homage to something completely different.

Also, another change in art! I just won’t stop. Actually, for the moment, I do mean to stop. The change, this time, was basically culling out the things that did work and going back to something I was doing before. It might be a tad dramatic, but I like it like this.

I need to find time to get my movie on. It seems that both Mad Max and Avengers are the greatest things since the invention of the sliced wheel. Since I can just barely afford to see at least one, I feel like I should be off doing that. I just can’t imagine when I’ll have time. Maybe if I pull off an impossible amount of work, this week, I can take a day off.

They say working for yourself is more work than having a day job. This is true, to a certain extent. I haven’t had a day off in 6 weeks, and I put in 70 hours a week between this comic and paying the bills. On the flip side, I stop working whenever I damn well please. There’s something to be said for that. If I were pulling in just a bit more cash, I’d probably be pretty happy. I’m certainly less miserable than I’ver been. That’s saying something.

I’m not really sure what it’s saying. It may be hinting at something about the magic number. In today’s money, the magic number for a household’s income is about $81,000 a year. If you make that much money, you tend to feel pretty good about life. Of course, if you make less, you feel pretty good, too. Up to a point. But more is better. To the extent that a person doesn’t feel pressured by the logistics of life, money can buy happiness. To a point. That point being the $81,000 magic number. After that point, people tend to feel better about their income, but their daily satisfaction index doesn’t tend to increase.

Maybe my experience is telling me that there’s more to it that just the stress of survival. To feel so much better about what I do, despite a 70% pay cut, must suggest that one key element of life satisfaction, for me at least, is not being under any gun but the one in my hand. Sure, it’s just a perception. I’m still beholden to my bills. But no one is giving me odd jobsĀ or throwing make work at me. I’m my boss. If I’m the harshest boss I’ve worked for, at least I allow plenty of breaks.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
LINA: Rey?
Frame 3
LINA: Rey?
Frame 3
LINA: Rey?
Frame 4
Frame 5
REY: I heard you the first time.
LINA: Then why didn't you say anything?
Frame 6
REY: I value our friendship.

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