Damn it, Charley.

0031 Smile and the World Hits on You

I should throw a party after every tenth comic.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
MIRA: Why do you care, anyway?
CHARLEY: Why shouldn't I, right?
Frame 2
MIRA: I... Damn it. Why do you keep sayin' things I can't snark at?
Frame 3
CHARLEY: Why are you phrasing that as a question?
MIRA: Is that a complaint?
Frame 4
CHARLEY: More of an observation. I might be too drunk for full coherence, right?
MIRA: You seem pretty laser-like to me.
Frame 5
CHARLEY: See? Physics jokes are an evil thing to do to the inebriated.
MIRA: Never claimed I wasn't evil.
Frame 6
CHARLEY: Fair enough. Evil is sexy.

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