We all must die some time.

0032 Helpline

Really, Mira. She could have been from North Dakota.

Funny how people tend to get vague when dealing with difficult topics. It’s like it makes them uncomfortable or something. Really. There’s nothingĀ wrong with being Canadian.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
MIRA: I know what you're tryin' to do.
CHARLEY: Excellent! That makes one of us. Is it working?
Frame 2
MIRA: Maybe. A little.
Frame 3
CHARLEY: Look, I don't know what it's all about, right? I just don't want to see you get hurt.
MIRA: I'm not your problem. You don't have to take responsibility.
CHARLEY: Don't I know it. But maybe I want to. Maybe life's giving me lemons, too. If I can't help me, maybe I can help someone else, right?
Frame 4
MIRA: And I get to be your lucky beneficiary?
CHARLEY: You're the one I ran into. How about I beam you my link? You can ping me when stuff gets rough, right? Instead of...
MIRA: Thanks, but I don't have anythin' for you to "beam" to. Kinda playin' hooky from a hospital.
Frame 5
CHARLEY: Yeah, you're right. Sorry.
MIRA: Are you Canadian?
CHARLEY: Yeah. What gave me away?
Frame 6
MIRA: All the "aboats" and the way you keep usin' "sorry" as punctuation.

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