It's a long lobby

0035 Truancy

This turned out better than expected. I love it when that happens.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
NURSE 1: Miss Washington!
MIRA: Yes?
Frame 2
NURSE 1: Where did you go?
MIRA: Took a walk. That a problem?
NURSE 1: You're supposed to be on bed rest.
Frame 3
MIRA: Child, I've been restin' for thirty-one years.
NURSE 1: But--
MIRA: Apparently I'm payin' for all this, and it don't seem like anythin' broke,
Frame 4
MIRA: so I'm goin' back to my room.
NURSE 1: But--
MIRA: Sorry about cuttin' you off, by the way. Promise I won't sneak out again.
Frame 5
NURSE 1: I-- Oh, crap. Why not? How did you get out, anyway?
Frame 6
MIRA: No idea.

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