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0036 Delayed Impact

Mira’s so surprised, she’s ceased to exist.

I wanted to name this “Symmetry” because, while Monday was better than expected, this was not so much.

Elevators are big. Mira is small. I thought about playing with scale for art’s sake, but I figured I wouldn’t like the result. Now I’m second guessing because I don’t really think it’s entirely clear what just happened.

I mean two things just happened. One I mean to be a bit unclear on. The other is that Mira was standing in front of an elevator, then got into the elevator, then the elevator doors closed.

Ah, well. Like a bad joke, I just explained it.

And yes, Elevators are a thing in 2046.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
I really have no idea how I got out of here. If they're servin' drugs that strong maybe I should stay in bed.
Frame 2
Wait... Was that blond on the beach flirting with me?
Frame 3
Was I flirting with her?
Frame 4
(empty elevator)

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3 thoughts on “0036 Delayed Impact

  • Valkeiper2012

    Since people still will need to move from one place to another and sometimes the destination will be on a different level than the start, it’d be rather difficult to dismiss the need for an elevator.

    about the only thing that would remove the need would be the ability to teleport at will.

    Unlikely, for sure.

  • Valkeiper2012

    actually, to me, she looks more like mid-teens than anywhere if her twenties.

    If I were to meet her alone like that, I’d be thinking to protect her before any other thoughts, but maybe that’s just me.

    • Architect Post author

      Yeah. The effect is pretty strong, especially sans makeup. I worried about that, a bit. It’s 80% art style and 30% intent (math is hard). Mira is supposed to look young. Partly for the cognitive dissonance on her part. From her POV she was 52, yesterday.

      Hopefully the next comic will shed some like on what Charley was doing. And by “shed some light,” I mean raise more questions than it answers.