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0037 Deception


Yes. Jain is a smurf. Does this bother you?

More future stuff. Holograms and shit. I was going to keep this obviously hard(like) sci-fi, just to underline that there is a perfectly logical explanation for all of the weird that happens (teleporting sword, anyone?). A month or so back, I read an article about an actual hologram projector.

Turns out, it wasn’t even the first. The view angle is way less wide than seen in this page, but if I’d been totally accurate about what it should look like, the comic would be visually weird. So I’m just pretending the angle is really wide. (Hard-like sci-fi.)

And, of course, Charley’s car is blue. If you’re wondering why she’s driving drunk, well there’s either a totally ration explanation for that or she lied about how tipsy she was. You decide.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
CHARLEY: She's checked in, safe and sound. You want to tell me what that was about?
BERN: Not particularly, no.
CHARLEY: Oh, Thanks. I enjoy throwing away a perfectly good Friday night to play nursemaid and be kept in the dark, right. It's my favorite thing, Bern.
Frame 2
BERN: Would it help you to feel better if I said I do not want to tell you because I do not know?
CHARLEY: Is that true?
BERN: Every word. I have as many questions as you do, Charlene. Perhaps more.
Frame 3
CHARLEY: I'm sure you do. I'm going home. If the world catches fire, call some else Captain Montoya.
Frame 4
JAIN: As you wish, Lieutenant Fountain.

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