0038 Ships Passing

Rey seems absurdly confident. That or she find pointy things really funny.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
REY: When I want you, you're nowhere to be found. When I don't want you, you're there like clockwork.
Frame 2
BETA GUY 1: Hey, chica!
REY: Fuck me.
BETA GUY 1: Girl like you, she shouldn't be in a place like this, in the dark.
Frame 3
BETA GUY 2: Yeah. She could get hurt, ya know?
REY: Good tip. I'll take it under advisement.
Frame 4
ALPHA GUY: Tell you what. You sign your chip over to me, and I'll make sure nothing happens to you.
REY: Damn. And I left my chip at home. I guess I'll have to take my chances.
Frame 5
ALPHA GUY: Wrong answer.
Frame 6

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One thought on “0038 Ships Passing

  • Valkeiper2012

    When someone is threatened with serious harm, but they only laugh, there is good reason to doubt the results of that threat.