THAT'S a knife.

0040 Dundee

Rey uses BETCHA DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING. It’s very effective.

I’m pretty sure some of you did see that coming. Rey might be just a smidge overconfident, but she’s not completely mad. If you could summon a 16th-century sword from thin air, you might be a bit cocky, too.

If I had to guess, considering how massively behind I’ve fallen on project “Pay rent,” I’d say there’s a good chance that Monday’s comic will be late. Sorry about that. It should go up Monday, because If I haven’t made up ground by tomorrow, nothing I can do will make a difference until the following Monday, anyway.

But the next 35 hours are pretty much going to leave no time for comics. Or sleep. So, I figure it will be midday Sunday before I even start on the next comic.

I need a buffer. I need time to make a buffer. I’ll have to see how I can adjust my schedule next month.

↓ Transcript
ALPHA GUY: You're gonna get something stuck in you if you don't make with the money.
(Rey has her sword.)
REY: Huh. Looks like your equipment is inadequate. Why don't you put those tiny things back in your pants and run on home.

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