Just likes kicking him.

0043 Non-Posture

When I first imagined Rey Lorrie, she was rather more happy-go-lucky, and rather a lot less serious. Some of that side of her has been showing through lately. She spends a lot less of her time feeling sorry for herself than we’ve seen. There were reasons she was assumed to be that kind of a character, and story elements built around that.

Like all characters who get even the tiniest amount of consideration from their authors, Rey changed. The original Rey, at least at this point in the story, looked at this whole fighting thing as a game. She’d never consider actually inflicting the kind of injury she’s casually¬†discussing here. That circumstances might force her to was part of her conflict map. But the woman who came out on the page is not that original idea.

Part of the reason she was so hard on herself after using her sword to ward off the smarmy guy is the simple fact that she does treat her weapon as if it were a gun. If she’s holding it, she’s willing to use it. She’s overly cocky, and taking all kinds of extra effort not to use it, but she’s perfectly willing to.

Rey isn’t boasting¬†or making an idle threat. She means to end this on her terms, and is perfectly willing to dismember those boys to do it. Fortunately, for the story, she’s never actually had to use her weapon to cut anyone, so there’s still room for the conflicts I’d planned. But those conflicts have changed in flavor.

↓ Transcript
REY: Tell me why I should let you three walk out of here.
Frame 3
BETA GUY 1: She's gonna kill us!
Frame 4
REY: Kill? Beard no! I was thinking I'd just hack off one leg each. But I abhor violence, so I'm giving you a chance to leave upright.

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