0044 Basically…

In before the lock!

I haven’t been sleeping well, lately. As a result, this is pretty late. Of course, another reason it’s late is that I did Friday’s comic at the same time┬áso that one should not be delayed.

Still thinking about things I could do with the news post, beyond posting news. This is a full up CMS, and I can easily split the news post off into its own section. I really think this section, attached to the comic, should be more entertainment centered. I have some ideas but, if I make any of them happen, it will be a while before they show up.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
ALPHA GUY: Okay, okay!
REY: Leave the knives.
ALPHA GUY: What? No!
Frame 2
REY: Or leave a leg. Makes no difference to me.
Frame 3
ALPHA GUY: I ever see you again-
REY: I know, I know. You'll shit your pants then overcompensate trying to prove how tough you are.
Frame 4
REY: How about we skip the bravado, huh? If, by chance, you happen to see me around-
Frame 5
REY: run.

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