Can you rely on this narrator?

0051 Round Two

Halfway to my first 100. Some time back, someone complained about Stand Still Stay Silent taking forever to the story going. I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t read it, as the list to the right shows (actually, there are three comics I do read not in that list. There’s one comic I really don’t read in the list. Still, it’s representative).

I’m not sure if SB is going to match that. It might be another 100 strips before all of the main characters meet. There will, however, be clues as to what’s going on throughout.

I should probably format this bit and move it the about section. Singular Blues is really a slice of life comic. It’s about how six people relate to each other. But there is something happening, a plot if you will, that ties them all together and explains all the stuff I’ve shown so far.

So slice of life with global ramifications? Perhaps slice of life with a side of ninja and optional giant robot? I’m not really sure at this point. One question fans (do I have fans yet?) ask creators about such things is “what’s your process?” It can mean a lot of things. The thing I’m going to answer now is, “how much story is there?”

There’s about 25% of what I need. Maybe 15%. I know exactly how it ends, and it does end. Assuming it doesn’t end prematurely, it will be a few years before it gets there. By then, I may invent a new story set in the same world, but I’ve no idea if that will happen. I’m pretty clear on exactly what the conflicts resolutions for the first half of the story are. The second half is a bit fuzzy because it gets weird. A surprisingly large amount of it already written, but sometimes better ideas come to me, so I have not really clue how much need rewriting. Probably more than I’d like. I have no idea why I’m telling you this.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
NARRATION: My name was Audrey Lorrie. Everyone called me Rey.
(Ninja Stands over Rey, Sword ready to fall)
REY: I don't suppose it would mean anything if I called time out?
NARRATION: I'd like to tell you a story.
Frame 2
NARRATION: That's my sword. I call it Misato. There's nothing special in that. I call a lot of things Misato. Well, two things, anyway. It's not in my hand. For most people in a ninja situation, that would be a problem.
(Sword falls: Swish!)
(CLANG! Sword meets sword)
Frame 3
NARRATION: Me? Not so much.
REY: C'mon. Where do you think I keep this thing?
Frame 4
NARRATION: You might think that facing death or dismemberment at the hands of a ninja would be something unusual.
Frame 5
REY: Okay. Round two.
NARRATION: Honestly, it used to happen to me all the time. I kinda miss it.

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8 thoughts on “0051 Round Two

  • Valkeiper2012


    the possibilities
    1: she had two (or more) swords ‘stored’ before she met the street thugs.
    2: she can summon the sword to her hand
    3: she can just ‘form’ a sword out of thin air.
    4: “1” and “2” combined

    I think it’s “4”. I think she has a ‘special place’ where her swords are stored and she can summon those swords to her hand from that place. Her comment on the sword’s name with a later qualifier that there are ‘two’ things sharing that name tells me she has two swords.

    Now? I wonder if the first sword is still stuck in the wall and if she will decide to wield two swords.

    • Valkeiper2012

      Please note ‘marker’ in the third ‘diamond’ of the sword in the wall. THAT is no accident. It is there for a reason.

    • AlpineBob

      I think it is that she has a hammerspace for her singular sword (“Where do you think I keep this thing?”), but she can put it in hammerspace without touching it, thus retrieving it.

      Or, you know, something else. Authors are tricksy things…

  • Valkeiper2012

    Now, I’m beginning to understand she’s drawn the ire of someone of means.
    Did this someone contract her death to a clan or school of ninja?
    Is that someone the ‘master’ of that clan or school?
    How did she draw their ire?
    Did she leave the school?

    Too many questions without answers, but I have to admit… I’m enjoying this as much as she is.

    • AlpineBob

      I’m wondering why our esteemed author has three comics on the list that are deliberately not being read. Lack of time, or lack of interest?
      (I read 4 on your list, and there is another 4 there I check in on periodically to catch up. Time, for me.)

      • Architect Post author

        Three I’m reading aren’t up there and one up there that I’m not reading.

        As for why, it’s an old list. I really haven’t liked the pace or direction of that one, but I’m not quite ready to kick it off the list. As for the three not on the list, they don’t update fast enough to justify being there. They are in the same class as Subnormality, that way, but Subnormality is of such high quality that it gets on my list despite having no real schedule.

  • Valkeiper2012

    As for your story, I’m not asking.

    Why? because I’m also (somewhat) an author. I am presently writing 5 books at a time on one story. I know sometimes a story simply writes itself, but can skip back-and-forth between meaningful ‘episodes’.

    You may have (most likely, it fact) a basic idea of wants happening and what is supposed to happen, but the characters and story can (sometimes) be more of a surprise to the author than the reader.

    That makes writing so much fun.