Is it a bird? A plane?

0052 Bounce


↓ Transcript
Frame 1
NARRATION: You probably want a few answers.
REY: Up for some follow the leader?
NARRATION: Get used to disappointment. Mira would think that was funny as hell. For the longest time, I had no idea why.
Frame 2
REY: You waiting for an invitation?
NARRATION: There is a perfectly logical explanation for everything. Except country music. It's actually pretty important. But Mira, the writer, would warn me against... Pretty much everything I've done so far. Like speaking in my own voice. First person implies I survive, you see.
Frame 3
REY: Too slow!
NARRATION: I figure it's all safe. After all, from my perspective, most of you died long before I was born. If you're dead, what makes you sure I'm not? Yet here you are, wondering why I've asked you here today. That part's pretty simple, actually.

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3 thoughts on “0052 Bounce

  • Valkeiper2012


    she is like the other patient, then.

    put into medical stasis

    or a clone of the original with the original’s memories.

  • Valkeiper2012

    perfectly logical explanation for everything except country music?

    well, I’d agree if she means what they call country music now. but don’t forget how illogical rock music is.

    • Architect Post author

      Rey just doesn’t like country music. I haven’t really thought of what the country sound will be dominated by 31 years from now. But Rey won’t like it.