Extremely difficult. 
Since this is Mission: Impossible...

0053 Ninja by the Tail

This was difficult to make.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
REY: What? You don't Like this game?
NARRATION: My Spider-Gwen impression. You should see my Supergirl.
NARRATION: Why I asked you? I did imply I'd answer that. I'm here to tell you how the world ends.
NARRATION: Why me? For my sins, I guess. I'm going to tell you about those, too.
Frame 2
NARRATION: Relax. It's going to take a while. Four minutes and seventing seconds, to be exact. From your perspective, it will feel like... Longer.
NARRATION: Why not cut to the chase? You ask too many questions, you know that?
Frame 3
REY: Meet in the middle, then?
NARRATION: Trust me. It'll make a lot more sense, this way. At least you aren't one of those who have to be brought up to speed on things like "the industrial revolution," network computing, and Parallel NNVAs.
Frame 6
NARRATION: You don't know NNVAs?
NARRATION: Fuck it. You'll figure it out as we go along.

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