Cats, man.

0058 Morning After

So what happened Monday? Blankets. I quite literally started working on how to do the blankets Sunday morning, and didn’t get it done right until Monday afternoon.

I think I slept 3 hours in there,

No, 4. I dozed off around 11:30 pm, Monday and woke up after about an hour, in a panic. (I had other deadlines I was juggling). Let no one tell you webcomics are easy.

Charley’s place is both big and small. It’s about 600 sqft, in a studio loft layout. I’m not sure if I’ve the dimensions right, but there’ll be tweaks anyhow. I never stop tweaking.

Deif the holographic cat is not as unusual as he seems.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
DIEF: You took your hangover remedy. What's all the distress about?
CHARLEY: I'm distressed 'cuz I'm an idiot.
Frame 2
DIEF: That's not actually an answer, right.
CHARLEY: I had one job last night, right? One job that was not "hit on the straight girl."
We've been over this. "Gay-dar" is not a real ability. As for the rest, I'd say it was an unconventional plan, but it worked.
Frame 3
CHARLEY: Great. Maybe I'll drop the cloak and dagger shit, and start a new career treating the suicidally depressed with obnoxius passes, eh?
Frame 4
DIEF: I smell sarcasm.
CHARLEY: I smell like a distillery. I'm going to get a shower. We can talk later.
DIEF: I'm a holographic projection. Being in the shower won't do more than distort me a bit.
CHARLEY: Again, Dief, you aren't a real cat. You don't have to watch what I do in the bathroom.

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2 thoughts on “0058 Morning After

  • Valkeiper2012

    ok, head no longer spinning from the scene change, but still confused how all these different venues and scenarios fit together.

    • Architect Post author

      Yeah. I’ve said I made some poor choices on pacing when I thought I’d have more time to work the comic and two more updates a week.

      Charley is a highly connected character, but not the main character. You’d say she’s centrally connected since she’s met , now, 5 of the six main cast, though you’ve only met 4. (5 if you were paying close attention, but only on a technicality.) Also, Charley changes her hair. A lot.

      Friday’s update shan’t be answering any questions, but it’s going to tie pretty much every scene major scene so far together. Next week there will be a bit of illumination. I don’t want to rush the story, but at the same time, it’s past time at least some of what’s going on is revealed.

      To be honest, this next sequence was originally planned as a short bit focusing on Doctor Chandra and providing some hints about Who the once mentioned Doctor Clear Water is, and why she’s important. But it turns out THAT was rushed, and a bit too opaque. To be more honest, it’s going to be a long time before the main stakes become clear. This story is mostly about how the 6 mains relate to each other. But this new sequence will touch a bit heavily on what one of them is doing, and why.

      Also, JAIN is in it. In person. Rather a lot. In the flesh you might say.

      Hey, thanks for sticking it out. I hope the next bit is worth it.