She really is a ninja.

0059 Hot Shower

Let’s pretend it’s Friday.

This comic has been a nightmare. I spent a huge amount to time trying to get it to work as intended, and I failed, miserably. Bleh. Win some, lose some. It still does the job. Maybe I’ll go in and try to fix it later. At least one thing that failed is completely my failure to change one stupid little thing, but there are a couple of things that went wrong and I have no clue why. I do know it took way too long to render, owing to the lighting complexity. I’m going to have to get that sorted before moving forward. Hopefully, I can find time for that on Sunday.

How troublesome has this been? As I write this, parts of the comic are still rendering, and won’t be done for another hour, at least. Compare this to the equally complex, in terms of raw polygons, Alley scenes which could render two pages in the time this single frame is taking. And because even that’s not good enough, each frame had to be done twice.

And the result isn’t even that good! I think I’m going to have to carve out time to figure out the best lighting method for this stuff, even if I can’t afford to. I certainly can’t afford 3 day’s effort for a substandard result.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1
I'm over doing it. Again. Yes, I hit on a suicidal staight girl. But she was super cute.
As your agent said-
Frame 2
I have startled you.
No shit. What are you doing in my shower, JAIN?
Agreeing with Diefenbaker.
Frame 3
No. Damn it, how did you get in here?
I am a ninja. Obviously.
Do you... Fuck it. What do you want?
Frame 4
Finally, a relevant question. I want you, of course.
I'm flattered, right, but I'm not into androids, JAIN.
Not what I had in mind, but I would not object. If I may ask, why aren't you "into androids?"
Frame 5
To begin with, I like women to be anatomically...
Frame 6
JAIN, why are you anatomically correct?
Why did you assume I would not be?

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7 thoughts on “0059 Hot Shower

  • Valkeiper2012

    Sigh, again we have the obligatory lesbian/homosexual couple.

    Why can’t any web comic actually stick to good plots and story without feeling they must cater to that ‘twisted’ (meaning, ‘not straight) crowd?

    • Architect Post author

      1) JAIN and Charley are not a couple.
      2) If you think a character’s sexual orientation is important to determining whether a plot is good or not, you probably need to loosen up a bit.
      3) If you think the kinds of characters who tend to appear in webcomics are a sign of a problem, you probably shouldn’t be reading webcomics, and you certainly shouldn’t be reading this one.

      I’m perfectly aware that webcomics highly skew toward including characters who aren’t straight. That makes them unusual in a lot of media. If I changed my character’s motives, and the relationships that fell out of the plot to be different, then I would be doing exactly what you are complaining about, but in reverse. Adding straight characters instead of sticking to the plot.

      I’m not going to do that. You’re welcome to come along for the ride. Ultimately only time will tell if the plot is good, or not. In the end, the inclusion in the comic may overshadow the fact that it all came out of the plot, rather than the other way around. If so, so be it.

      Also, this plot is very, very gay. You’ve been warned.

  • Valkeiper2012


    I have no problems declaring I hate homosexuality and lesbianism.
    Thankfully, the rest of your story-line is quite good (confusing so far, but intriguing ).
    I will continue to read this, don’t worry about that.
    I will tolerate (but not accept ) the ‘gay scenes’.
    It is ok to be open-minded,but NOT so open-minded your brains fall out.

    • Architect Post author

      Genesis 1 and 2. Lots of tweaking. Mostly 3DUniverse sources for the shaping morphs, with Genesis and custom morphs for the faces. There’s some Aiko 6 in there but no Aiko 3 or 4 that I recall. I’d have to check. Rendered in Blender using Cycles. Still trying to figure out how to properly paint the background, since the trick (when it works) is in the lighting, and Cycles tends to be fairly uniform in how it lights flat surfaces.

      There’s only one way, it seems, to get the right kind of lighting to make this work. I made a lot of scenes where it didn’t quite work. I spent all of Sunday working that out. At least I know that much. I don’t overmuch mind that it’s not as good as I want. I’m not the first comic artist who figured this stuff out “on the job.” While I don’t freak about it, it does concern me though.

      That’s one of the things I have hopes of fixing on sabbatical because I waste too much time fighting the background for results that displease me.

        • Architect Post author

          I don’t much worry about the skins. At least I didn’t until it came time to add tattoos. That was challenging. Since I render in Blender, and try to get as non-photoreal as possible, it’s not too much of an issue what the skin is. I don’t think I’ve ever put much thought into a skin. Mat textures for clothing items are a different story. I’m always trying to figure that one out, because it would nice to be able to get those working in my style without too much fiddling.

          I’ve been thinking about rolling over to Genesis 3, but I haven’t even started messing with it, and I need to get better at transferring morphs before I try it.