0067 POV

0067 POV

Robert (check the comments) suggested I should focus less on the backgrounds to move things along. Sorry, Robert. I didn’t do that.

Basically, what happened is that a very long time ago I created the backgrounds that make up Rey’s apartment. Then I reused some assets by opening that file, removing the things I didn’t need, and building a new scene. Then saved the file.

In other words, I overwrote the apartment background.

Week before last, I started an automated process to build more assets. I figured it would take a day. I was 450% off the mark. So, I pretty much lost all that week because my computer was too busy for art. Hopefully, this will pay off later by reducing the amount of time I spend finding stuff. Still a lot to do in sorting and categorizing things, making it something that can be used, but I have the raw material now.

So, lost time and rebuilding lost sets. But progress! I may even find time to do some of that story rewriting that needs doing.

For now, a short visit with our main character.

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