When the Author Took Time Off

When the Author Took Time Off

For the third month in row, we’re reaching rent time and things are thin. As much as I’d like to keep churning out comics It’s become a distraction. As much as I enjoy doing it, I’m spending too much time figuring out how to do things, when I should be making pretty pictures. This is not sustainable, simply because I need to have a roof with hot and cold running electrons to do this stuff.

So I’m taking “time off” to get my house in order. Not much of a vacation, but I suspect I’ll be able to to give the comic the time it needs when I come back.

Maybe I just feel that way because getting last weeks comics out was a bear, and took far too long, but I don’t think so. I think the issue is that my process for making comics takes up far too much time, to start. Time I don’t have.

My first thought, when I realized I was burned out at number 60, was one week off. But that’ not going to work. I need time to correct the rent deficit, AND correct the comic process issue. While I could do both in a week, it would be like I didn’t stop making comics. And I need rest. I need rest, and I need to set things so that I can work smarter in the future, to reduce the odd of having another burnout.

I’m not done with the comic, by a long shot. I’ve been tinkering with stuff between jobs, all day, despite haven’t determined that a break was needed 10 hours ago. I definitely have passion for it.

I see this as a good thing. I need more time, if I’m going to make this comic live. I need to work smarterĀ if I’m going to turn it into something worthwhile. Even if it provided all my income, I’d risk burning out with the process I have.

Singular Blues Shall Return

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