Monthly Archives: April 2015

0016 Raincheck

I really can’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t be an attempt to spoon feed this page to the reader. While I do enjoy waxing on about why I do some of the things I do, I’m also aware that these pages should stand on their own. It’s my […]

0015 Certainly Not a Pirate

In before the lock. The comic updated on time. The streak is still alive. The news post is late. There’s a lot of reasons for this. Over worked, over tired, and very sad about humanity. Let’s not discuss that, now. I saw a post on IFLS (not linking it. Don’t […]

0014 Bills

Still playing with art techniques. I am displeased with this one. Not so much that I mean to change it, but I think Monday’s strip was the best I’ve done, as far as the overall rendering, so I mean to go back to that in the future. It’s probably not […]

0013 Narcissus? Is that You?

Mira is a bit taken with herself. Suffice it to say, she’s never looked that good in her life. I’m borrowing a page from John Scalzi. I’m not going to explain what page I’m borrowing. Figure it out, and read everything he’s written to do it. It’s worth it. The […]

0012 Techno-Babble

Talking heads. Would you believe this Mira-Doctor sequence was originally twice as long? I think I mentioned that I wrote the first draft over NaNoWriMo¬†2014. There wasn’t a lot of effort put into considerations like “how will this look” at that time. It was all words, and not much else. […]

0011 Time Dilation

The story of how I came up with Mira’s name is long and not really interesting. Suffice it to say, it’s (in part) a tribute to my mother. (Hi Mom!) Mira is not my mother in anyway shape or form. To start, she’s a lot shorter than my mom. She […]

0010 Sick Bay

I’m a wordy guy. You should see my posts in other places. I don’t even write blocking for most of my strips. It’s almost all dialogue. This strip is one of the early ones, from before I started to write the way I do now. It was 6 panels long. […]

0009 Scouting

This is where the news post goes. There’s no news post to got with this strip, but I have a valid reason. Daredevil. ↓ TranscriptFrame 1 REY: Thanks, Laci. LACI: Prick. You want me to go to Santos anyway? REY: Tempting, but let's not rock the boat yet. LACI: You […]

0008 Rey Lorrie

I didn’t realize just how much wall of text Laci was spewing until I did the layout. I’m going to have to experiment with a smaller font, I see. I considered switching Rey’s and Laci’s roles here. Rey¬†putting her foot up Mark’s rear entrance would make a solid intro for […]

0007 And Surprise

Bathroom humor. Is it really humor, just because it has “humor” in the name? It’s a good thing this comic’s goal isn’t the funny.   Mira looks like she’s 12, here. It’s the hair and the lack of makeup (to the extent that I do makeup, at all. It definitely […]