No sleep.

I wanted to find time to knock out two, maybe three, more strips today. Really yesterday, but I still need to do too¬†much set up to go that fast. I have one of the two sets I need ready, and the other I need to build from scratch, AND develop a new method to work with. A case of, I think I know what to do, but I’ve never tried it, so I have no clue of it will work.

No sleep.

I have insomnia, so a lack of sleep isn’t new to me. But I was blessed with sleep onset insomnia. I couldn’t get to sleep.

The last week, I’ve been drifting off, then waking up hard. Almost night terror levels of hard (mind out of the gutter). Almost, because I don’t feel anything other than a vague disquiet. I’m still super groggy, and in the kind of state that I usually can’t stay awake in. (When you have onset insomnia, you either never get good sleep or go long periods without. So when you do fall asleep, you can be hard to rouse). This new thing has me growing more and more alert. I think I’ve had all of an hour of sleep in the last two days.

So, rather than chasing the unicorn, I’m going to leave off the next strips until after I’ve slept. I only need to assemble one character, one set, and one weird trick. Trying to make that happen as I am now would be insane. So, work permitting, I’m going to have to return to the strip later.

I think, this weekend, I’m going to assemble a list of all the sets I need and try to knock them out. They really kill the time, and I don’t think they really have to.

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