We Now Return

To our irregular update schedule. I hate to do it, after going so long mostly hitting the update target within 3 hours. But life is pain (anyone who tells you differently is selling something). I’m certain I can keep things update on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but It might better serve the reader to check Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for next two weeks or so. I just can’t be certain when the updates will go up.

I will try to stay on track, but I’ve got to eat.

It’s a vicious circle. Page views make money, and regular updates make for more page views, but I can’t be sure of regular updates unless I make more money.

I could just throw something together and slap it on the page. It’s an update, right? Call it pretention or artistic integrity or whatever. I’m just not willing to do that. I’d rather risk not succeeding than produce total crap.

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